Inclusive Cancer Care Research Equity for Black Men Consortium

According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 7 Black men will get prostate cancer. In 2019, 5,350 Black men died of prostate cancer. The good news is that deaths from prostate cancer has dropped to about half in Black men since 1993. The bad news is that Black men continue to be extremely affected by prostate cancer compared to any other racial or ethnic group. In addition, prostate cancer affects Black men globally, regardless of their country of birth. Fighting prostate cancer in the Black community is difficult because many factors contribute to the problem. To conquer prostate cancer, we will need to pull together all our knowledge, experiences, and resources and include all stakeholders. This is the reason we have brought together prostate cancer survivors, advocates, researchers and health care providers to form the inclusive Cancer Care Research Equity (iCCaRE) for Black Men Consortium.

The objectives of the iCCaRE for Black men Consortium is to fight prostate cancer in the Black community all over the world by: (1) conducting research that will let us understand issues that affect the health outcomes of prostate cancer patients. These factors could be what we are born with (genetics) or factors that have to do with where we are born, live, work or play; and (2) developing programs that will help Black men to better cope with prostate cancer diagnosis, make informed decision about prostate cancer and provide them with skills and access to care to better deal with prostate cancer. 


Our Mission

Meet Vinessa Gordon, Senior Program Coordinator and Consortium Manager with #ICCaRE. She speaks about the five pilot projects and seven cores.

iCCaRE’s mission is to optimize prostate cancer diagnosis experiences, treatment and survivorship by developing feasible, innovative and sustainable interventions to reduce prostate cancer disparities in Black men globally.

Organization Chart

Administrative Core

The iCCaRE for Black Men Consortium aims to address prostate cancer disparities through 5 pilot projects supported by core services.

Pilot Project 1

 Will develop a Virtual Robot Assistant (ViRA) for Black men newly diagnosed 

Pilot Project 2

Will assess the impact of patient-centered home cancer care                                          

Pilot Project 3

Will develop ViRA to improve quality of life in Black prostate cancer survivors

Pilot Project 4

Will assess and address social determinants of health needs of sub-Saharan African immigrant prostate cancer survivors  

Pilot Project 5

Will explore how biological factors contribute to poor mental health of prostate cancer survivors