Five Pilot Projects

The objectives
of iCCaRE

is to fight prostate cancer in the Black community all over the world

Pilot Project 2 - Feasibility of patient-centered home care (PCHC) to reduce disparities in high-risk black men with advanced prostate cancer.

Objective To evaluate the feasibility, acceptance, and impact of patient centered home care on patient reported outcomes and the quality of life of black men with advanced prostate cancer. ​

Specific Aims To establish patient-centeredness by exploring patients’ choice relative to the place of prostate cancer treatment for certain aspects of therapy as well as end-of-life care. ​

Establish the acceptance and impact of patient centered home care on patient reported outcomes and quality of life in black men with advanced prostate cancer. 

HEROICA Phase 2 Develop an effectiveness project to assess the benefits of patient-centered cancer care in removing barriers to care and improve clinical outcomes in underserved/minority patients.

Project Team

R. Dronca, project leader (Mayo Clinic)  | VIEW BIO

Former Senator Anthony Hill, community project leader (advocate) | VIEW BIO

Trevanne Matthews-Hew, co-project leader(Mayo Clinic)

M. Maniaci, co-I (Mayo Clinic)

Chanice Howard, operation administrator (Mayo Clinic)

Kelly Lambert (nursing)

iCCaRE Pilot Projects

Pilot Project 1

will develop a Virtual Robot Assistant (ViRA) for Black men newly diagnosed        

Pilot Project 2

Will assess the impact of patient-centered home cancer care                                          

Pilot Project 3

Will develop ViRA to improve quality of life in Black prostate cancer survivors

Pilot Project 4

Will assess and address social determinants of health needs of sub-Saharan African immigrant prostate cancer survivors  

Pilot Project 5

Will explore how biological factors contribute to poor mental health of prostate cancer survivors