Five Pilot Projects

The objectives
of iCCaRE

is to fight prostate cancer in the Black community all over the world

Pilot Project 1 - Feasibility of a Point of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Intervention for Newly Diagnosed Black Men

Plan, develop and establish the acceptance and usability of a Point of Prostate Cancer Diagnosis (PPCD) iCCaRE Virtual Reality Assistant (ViRA).

Specific Aims
Based on behavioral science models and health communications model, plan and develop a PPCD iCCaRE ViRA that will provide SDOH navigation services, psycho-oncology support and emotional support using qualitative formative research; and Establish the acceptance and usability of the iCCaRE ViRA at a urology clinic among 50 BM.

Assess the effectiveness of the intervention and foster its adoption, implementation, and maintenance through implementation science research.

Project Team

F. Odedina, PhD, project leader (Mayo Clinic) | VIEW BIO

C. Ngufor, PhD, co-project leader(Mayo Clinic) | VIEW BIO

A. Merriweather, community project leader (advocate) | VIEW BIO

D. Pereira, PhD, co-I (Univ of Florida)

M. Ogunsanya, Postdoc (Univ of Oklahoma)

V. Gordon, MPH, coordinator (Mayo Clinic)

iCCaRE Pilot Projects

Pilot Project 1

will develop a Virtual Robot Assistant (ViRA) for Black men newly diagnosed        

Pilot Project 2

Will assess the impact of patient-centered home cancer care                                          

Pilot Project 3

Will develop ViRA to improve quality of life in Black prostate cancer survivors

Pilot Project 4

Will assess and address social determinants of health needs of sub-Saharan African immigrant prostate cancer survivors  

Pilot Project 5

Will explore how biological factors contribute to poor mental health of prostate cancer survivors