Five Pilot Projects

The objectives
of iCCaRE

is to fight prostate cancer in the Black community all over the world

Pilot Project 3 - Whole Person Care Survivorship to Improve HRQOL in Black Prostate Cancer

Objective To develop an iCCaRE Prostate Cancer-Survivorship Care Plan (CaP-SCP) for Black men to address their unique burden and health related quality of life needs. The prostate cancer survivorship plan tool is aimed at improving health related quality of life in black Men post-treatment. The prostate cancer survivorship plan will be implemented using Virtual Robot Assistance (ViRA). We will conduct non-randomized, pilot to assess the benefit and adoption of the prostate cancer survivorship plan virtual robot assistance. ​

Specific Aims

The goal is to develop a Prostate cancer survivorship plan tailored to ethnically diverse Black men using clinicians’ key informant interviews and one-on-one in-depth interviews with prostate cancer black survivors. ​

Focus on developing a prototype of the Prostate cancer survivorship plan virtual robot assistance. Using Prostate cancer survivorship plan V5, DHHS team will develop the Prostate cancer survivorship plan virtual robot assistance. In addition, to assess the sensitivity and preliminary impact of the intervention, the virtual robot assistance will integrate quantitative clinical, patient-reported health related quality of life, social determinants of health, and population level data (e.g., American Community Survey).

HEROICA Phase 2 We will conduct pragmatic trial (effectiveness study), which will allow us to assess the benefit of the Prostate cancer survivorship plan virtual robot assistance under real life settings. 

Project Team

Folakemi T. Odedina, PhD, Mayo Clinic​ | VIEW BIO

Che Ngufor PhD, Mayo Clinic​ | VIEW BIO

Kimlin Ashing PhD, City of Hope​ | VIEW BIO

Pastor John McCall LCSW, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church ​ | VIEW BIO

Fornati Bedell  MD, City of Hope​

Cassadra Moore MD, Mayo Clinic​

Getachew Dagne PhD, UF

Diana Londono MD, City of Hope

Gaole Song, DrPH

James Morrison, MPH

iCCaRE Pilot Projects

Pilot Project 1

will develop a Virtual Robot Assistant (ViRA) for Black men newly diagnosed        

Pilot Project 2

Will assess the impact of patient-centered home cancer care                                          

Pilot Project 3

Will develop ViRA to improve quality of life in Black prostate cancer survivors

Pilot Project 4

Will assess and address social determinants of health needs of sub-Saharan African immigrant prostate cancer survivors  

Pilot Project 5

Will explore how biological factors contribute to poor mental health of prostate cancer survivors