Core Services

Translational Prostate Cancer Disparities Research in Black Populations

Methodology and Measures Services (MaMS)


  • Dr. Kathleen Yost (Lead) 
  • Dr. Catherine Oladoyinbo (Co-lead) 
  • Dr. Mary Ellen Young
  • Dr. Opeyemi Bolajoko

MPI Liaison


In line with the mission of the iCCaRE Consortium to advance health equity and reduce disparities in prostate cancer, the mission of the Methodology and Measures Services (MaMS) is to support the development and use of best practices for research design, measures and customized data collection for iCCaRE research projects.

MaMS Information

Will provide guidance on research design, measures development and conduct customized data collection for iCCaRE research projects. This will include: (i) establishing standard operating procedures tailored to the iCCaRE population around best practices for survey research design including development, validation, implementation, and interpretation of study measures; and (ii) conducting customized data collection for iCCaRE pilot research projects. Primary data collection via self- or interviewer-administered surveys will be a critical component of the Consortium.

Survey Governance

  • Establish a survey governance workgroup that will further expand and tailor tools for tracking the development of surveys, including managing revisions and version control, as well as documenting scoring rules and permission for use of borrowed measures, where applicable.

New Measure Development and Validation

  • Convene a patient-reported outcomes (PRO) workgroup to prepare a standard operating procedure (SOP) for new PRO development, validation, and (if applicable) translation to non-English languages that is tailored to the iCCaRE population.

Data collection

  • Provide guidance on optimal approaches for survey data collection efforts across the consortium in Phase I pilot studies that utilize surveys.